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  1. Ergonomic keyboard

  2. Ergonomic mouse

  3. Ergonomic gamepad


The CAT is a computer input device with different modules. Together with the software it's a flexible system that accommodates the individual needs of any user.

Modular System



The LYNXsetup is designed to help the users release the full potential of their fingers and thumbs.



thumb modules:

  • just keys 

  • joystick with keys



finger modules:

  • just keys 

  • keys with scroll wheel



additional modules:

  • gyroscope

  • mouse



exchangeable support

L   M   S​

Made for Touch Typing


Touch typing is a method of typing on a keyboard where you use all ten fingers without having to look at the keys. The technique involves learning the placement of keys on the keyboard and using muscle memory to type quickly and accurately. By relying on finger placement rather than looking at the keys, touch typists can type more efficiently, with fewer errors, and at a faster pace. It's a valuable skill for anyone who uses a keyboard frequently, as it can significantly enhance typing speed and productivity.

LYNXapp for Key-Assignment


The system has multiple layers, allowing users to create unique layouts for each layer. Characters, modifiers, or combinations of both can be assigned to any key (scroll wheel, joystick, gyroscope). For more information about the Software got to tutorials page.


Open Source Project - do it yourself


The CAT project offers a chance to gain knowledge and skills in 3D-printing, coding, electronics and design. All necessary files and instruction are provided on the DIY page.


The Goal

Creating a versatile peripheral system to enhance interaction with the computer.

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